34MM Rolex Pearlmaster 81319 Replica Luxury Watches With Blue Dials Of Great Popularity

Pearlmaster collection has diversity models of different materials and jewels. Their case sizes are also especially made for female customers. They have 29mm, 34mm and 39mm for customers to choose. Rolex copy watches with Swiss mechanical movements have 34mm white gold cases. The whole watch body is all made of white gold, polished and smooth. The blue dials display practical functions in a neat way. Their hour markers are white gold Roman numerals. The three hands are all set in the center.

There is a date aperture set at 3 o’clock. The dials look very concise and delicate, protected by solid sapphire glasses. Besides, their fixed white gold bezels are decorated with twelve shiny diamonds. The glossy appearances and brilliant decorations contribute to a noble image. Their practical functions are supported by Cal. 2235, self-winding mechanical movements with perpetual rotors. The Swiss movements are certified by COSC, so the precision and reliability are guaranteed.

Rolex Pearlmaster fake watches with white gold hands have a good waterproofness which is rated at 10 bars. We don’t need to worry about the water seepage. They can be worn for many occasions. The extremely elegant appearances and practical functions make them deeply welcomed by most rich women. They need a perfect accessory to match their graceful dresses to attend parties.