36MM Rolex Oyster Perpetual 116000 Fake Cheap Watches With Red Grape Dials For Christmas

Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection has several models with red grape dials. They have Oyster cases of different sizes. 26, 31, 34, 36 and 39mm are all selectable. There are just suble differences among these models. The delicate Rolex Oyster Perpetual replica watches are driven by Cal. 3130, self-winding mechanical movements with blue Parachrom hairsprings. The Swiss movements with perpetual rotors have stable and accurate performances. The power reserve is approximate 48 hours.

The fine Rolex fake watches have 36mm steel cases with smooth bezels. Their hour markers are luminescent indexes applied to the red grape dials. The central three steel hands show the hour, minute and seconds. We can see the hour and minute hands have luminescent tips. Oyster Perpetual watches always have simple designs and few decorations. There are no other functions like date apertures or sub-dials. They have steel Oyster bracelets which are very classical and fexible.

The solid sapphire glasses are scratch-resistant to protect the exquisite dials. Rolex copy watches with Swiss automatic movements have classic designs and accurate functions, catering to the taste of modern people who like simple styles. The elegant and concise timepieces are suitable for any events.