A Beginner’s Guide To Some Of Perfect Rolex Submariner Fake Watches US

The AAA fake Rolex Submariner watches has been a mainstay in Rolex‘s repertoire of US wholesale replica watches models for decades. One of the most faked models, and with scary accuracy, the Rolex Submariner copy watches online store has appeared in numerous variants from more dressy 18K gold versions to understated stainless steel timekeepers for daily wear.

Remaining as a robust tool replica watches at its core, there have been so many subtle tweaks done to the Sub over the years that many new watches enthusiasts easily get lost in the deep dive. Cementing itself as Swiss cheap fake watches legend, which is explained in our ICONS imitation Rolex Submariner watches for men, the Submariner can either be an entry point into US replica watches online collecting or a grail depending on the reference.

Following up from Part 1 of our beginner’s guide to Rolex Submariner super clone watches for men and women, Part 2 delivers some new intriguing versions of the top Swiss Rolex Submariner replica watches and their origins, and of course, some juicy watches shots for your viewing pleasure. With the help of Paul Altieri of Bob’s replica watches once again, here are some more intriguing fake Rolex Submariner watches online that you may not have known about.

Rolex Submariner 5513 “Underline Explorer Dial” Replica Watches

Among all of the various dials that were fitted to reference 5513 Submariner replica watches during the model’s 27-year production run, the Explorer-style dial is easily one of the rarest and most collectible. Only fitted to Submariner 5513 replica watches during the first few years of the model’s existence during the early/mid-1960s, these glossy gilt dials feature large 3-6-9 Arabic numerals and slim luminous batons – just like the iconic dial of the 1:1 Swiss made fake Rolex Explorer watches. Additionally, the dial text is smaller on these “Explorer dial” ref. 5513 watches in order to give the markers more space and improve legibility. This particular example is also an “underline dial” (characterized by the small horizontal line that appears under the words “Oyster Perpetual”). Underline dials are only found on high quality Rolex replica watches from around 1962 to 1964 and it is believed that this marking was used to signify the use of less-radioactive tritium instead of radium for the hour markers.

Fake Rolex Submariner 16610 “Comex” Watches

As a way to obtain real-world testing data on its watches, luxury Rolex fake watches partnered with the French deep-sea diving company COMEX in 1970. The partnership between the two brands lasted until 1997 and during that time, Rolex supplied Submariner and Sea-Dweller replica watches to COMEX divers who would report back regarding various aspects of performance. Some of the replica watches were prototypes used to test new technologies, while others were awarded to high-ranking COMEX employees. The most desirable and collectible examples feature the COMEX logo on their dials, along with caseback engravings that have their COMEX-issued numbers. This particular COMEX 1:1 best Rolex Submariner fake watches is from the 1990s and reference 16610 holds the distinction of being the last Rolex Submariner model supplied to the legendary deep-sea diving company. It is estimated that in total, there are only a couple hundred COMEX Submariner 16610 watches in existence, making each one a true ‘grail watches’ for many Swiss movements fake Rolex watches collectors.

Replica Rolex Submariner 6538 “Two Line Tropical Dial” Watches

These days, James Bond may wear top Omega watches but for many people, fake Rolex Submariner watches for sale will always be the original Bond replica watches. When Sean Connery appeared as Agent 007 in the very first Bond films, it was a “Big Crown” AAA perfect replica Rolex Submariner reference 6538 watches with a two-line dial that was strapped to his wrist. Only produced during the second half of the 1950s, the ref. 6538 is immediately identifiable due to its case without crown guards and oversized 8mm winding crown. Although Rolex Submariner 6538 replica watches can either be fitted with two-line or four-line gilt dials (depending on whether or not they were chronometer-certified), all of them were originally gloss black when they left the factory. However, due to minor imperfections in the surface finish, along with exposure to just the right conditions over many years, a small number have naturally faded to a rich brown color. Known as “tropical” dials, no two examples are the exact same and they are prized items among many vintage best Swiss made replica watches collectors.

Rolex Submariner 5517 “Milsub” Fake Watches

Long before best replica Rolex watches was the world’s most famous luxury brand, the company built its reputation by producing tough and reliable tool watches. Many of high quality fake Rolex’s iconic sports models were previously worn by explorers and military personnel, and some branches even supplied special Rolex replica watches to their service members. In the early 1970s, Britain’s Ministry of Defence ordered special Rolex Submariner replica watches with the following list of additions: sword-shaped hands, fixed bars at the lugs, fully-demarcated bezel inserts, and a circled ‘T’ on the dial to denote the use of tritium for the luminescence. These military-issued Swiss made Rolex Submariner fake watches are known as “MilSub” watches and were produced with 5513, 5517, or double-stamped 5513/5517 reference numbers, with the latter two being exclusive to military-issued Rolex Submariner replica watches. Since these MilSubs were produced in small numbers, never sold to the public, and all saw active use, only a small handful have managed to survive to this day, and they are easily among the most valuable and collectible Submariner replica watches in existence.

Replica Rolex Submariner 6204 “Split Logo OCC Dial” Watches

The reference 6204 is the very first Rolex Submariner fake watches shop wholesale that Rolex produced, and it possesses a number of unique traits that separate it from subsequent models such as its pencil-style hands, lollipop seconds hand, and small 5.3mm winding crown. Although the ref. 6204 was only produced for less than one year, surviving examples can be found with a surprising range of dial variations. This particular example has an unusual version of the “split logo” dial, where the words ‘Submariner’ and ‘Perpetual’ are separated by a wide space and printed on either side of the center hole where the hands are mounted. Additionally, unlike most Rolex Submariner 6204 replica watches, this one has the words “Officially Certified Chronometer’ printed on the lower half of its dial, which signifies that its movement was submitted for independent chronometer testing.

Rolex Submariner 16803 “Serti” Replica Watches

1:1 top Rolex fake watches, at the end of the day is a luxury brand, and to really emphasize that notion of a premium product, they not only incorporated 18K into their replica watches but at some point in the early ’80s they started adding precious stones to its sports range. Not to be confused with aftermarket bezels and dials set with diamonds, these “Serti” dials (French for “sertissage” or “to set”) saw elevated champagne, mother of pearl, and slate dials each factory set with diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. While the “Serti” treatment did make its way to models like the GMT-Master and the Yacht-Master, the Submariner is the replica watches that comes to mind when thinking of luxury Rolex “Serti” watches with its eight diamond hour markers and 6, 9, 12 blue gemstone-set dial. This two-tone transitional 16803 Sub really pops with its vivid blue bezel, aging silver dial, and precious stones. Hard to believe this reference was only around for four years.

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