Antique Diving Watches Of Rolex Replica Watches For Hot Recommendation

Referring to the antique diving watches, the Submariner must be the most popular one. As early as in 1970s, Rolex has cooperated with COMEX to manufacture several models to collect the data that the perfect fake Rolex Submariner watches performed under the water.

The COMEX Ref.5513 is precious and rare.

Steel Case Rolex Submariner Ref.5513

The distinctive COMEX logo printed on the dial must be the highlight of those diving watches. The black dial copy Rolex looked like the combination of the Submariner and Explorer. The hour markers on the dial look vintage and special.

The red words on the dial are eye-catching and striking.

Antique Knockoff Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref.1665

The other one is the Sea-Dweller ref.1665. The collection was firstly launched in 1967. In addition to the greater waterproofness, the red Sea-Dweller and Submariner 2000 are also its distinctive features. The steel bracelet knockoff watch ref.1665 is only water resistant to a depth of 1000 meters.