How I Acquired My First Hublot replica watches (KP Unico)

I am pleased to join the ranks of the Hublotista with my latest acquisition, the King Power Unico Titanium. To illustrate the roundabout way in which I became an owner, I want to take you through a tour of the past few cities I’ve vacationed in.

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Rio De Janeiro: The Introduction 
At one point or another, all of the following crossed my mind: “They’re far too big!” “They’re far too flashy!” “I wish the movement finishing was better.” “What/Who are they sponsoring now?!” So owning a Hublot never crossed my mind…until it did.
October 2014: We were at the airport in Rio de Janeiro. Our vacation was coming to an end. Looking for a way to kill time, I entered a Hublot boutique that was opened in the airport as part of the branding that occurred during the World Cup (I don’t need to tell you that Hublot had become synonymous with this iconic event that had taken place earlier in the year in Brazil). I tried on a few replica watches UK but the one that was most striking to me at the time was the Classic Fusion Aero Chronograph. The concept was well executed for a timepiece that seemed quite unique compared to what other brands were putting out. I was also happy that it wasn’t one of those outrageously-sized monstrosities that Hublot had become known for! 😉

In any case, by the time I left the boutique, the thought had been planted in my head: I could see myself owning that Swiss replica watches for sale. It’s kind of ironic that my interest was piqued in the brand indirectly due to its sponsorship of the World Cup (and thus, the airport boutique) even though, in the past, I was one of those people who heavily chided the brand for such ubiquitous marketing tactics.

Back in the comfort of my own home, I did what I always do when I’m struck by a particular timepiece: I researched the sh*t out of it, as well as the brand. While there is a lot of negativity out there, some common themes emerged:

(1) The customer experience is exceptional, from being able to interact with JCB right here on this forum, to the extended hand-written warranty offered, to the quick responsiveness when problems arise, etc. I couldn’t be more impressed. I think any person that purchases luxury goods wants to feel valued and appreciated by the brand. We are not just buying a tangible good, but rather, an experience.

(2) While many deride the use of ETA movements, most of the same people admit that Hublot is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to the casing of the watch (the so-called “Art of Fusion”).

(3) Hublot customers, by and large, seem to be very happy with their watches and to be associated with the brand.

A Quick Rant 

Let me touch upon this last point in a little more detail. There seems to be no other watch brand that takes as much heat as Hublot. When I wear my Vacheron, or my Audemars, or my Cartier, I never feel like I need to defend my decision to do so. Indeed, the common perception of the fake watches UK I own from these brands is that they are tasteful (don’t get me wrong, this is an opinion that I obviously share and appreciate). Purchasing and wearing a Hublot would receive no such benefit though many of their designs are as innovative and beautiful, and indeed haute horology, just expressed in a different way.

For those of us who are knowledgeable about Swiss replica watches for sale (though I admit that I am far from the expertise of many who post here), we almost have to be more convinced to buy a Hublot because of the heat it takes. It seems strange to say it, but buying a Rolex/Audemars is the safe move; to buy the Hublot, you have to LOVE it. In a way, this is galvanizing, and it seems that the people who post here and on other sites seem very happy with the decision to purchase a Hublot, probably because they put a lot of thought into their decision on the front end.

At the end of the day, JCB may have put it best in a recent interview of his: “You can own a Rolls Royce [Patek] and a Ferrari [Hublot].”

My advice: Buy whatever speaks to your heart.

New York: The Unico

New York just after New Years is beautiful. I used to live in the city and just loved it during this time. The Christmas and New Years Eve tourists crowds are largely gone but there is still a palpable energy in the air, so I was really happy to be back, this time as a visitor.

I stopped at the boutique with a plan to try on the Classic Fusion Aero Chronograph and finalize my decision to buy it. The first problem: They didn’t have it. That’s OK, my research turned up a lot of really great things about the new Big Bang Unico – I’d like to try it on. In a way, this Rolex replica watch appealed to me even more, at least conceptually, as it utilizes Hublot’s first in-house movement and has the same sapphire crystal skeleton-like dial. Looks beautiful in pictures and even more beautiful in person. The second problem: It looked awful on my wrist as the lugs extended too far out and didn’t sit flush or comfortably.

Disheartened, I guess a Hublot just ain’t in the cards…

But then, against my better judgement, found myself trying on the massive 48mm King Power Unico Titanium. Certainly it would be too big for my 6.75″ wrist…and it was, except that it wasn’t….Don’t get me wrong, the King Power is HUGE – it’s meant to be that way. But it wears well. And it wears comfortably! It sat perfectly on my wrist (or maybe vice versa given it’s size).

I waffled for a bit on whether I would actually wear such a large watch. The funny thing is that as soon as I become comfortable with the notion of wearing such a large replica watches for sale, it didn’t seem too large anymore! Then I saw the price – yikes – I’d need to save up a bit more before making this my own.

Paris: The Opportunity

What could be better than spending Valentine’s Day weekend in Paris with my wonderful and supportive wife (the same one who bought me the Vacheron a few years back as a wedding gift) visiting friends/family and drinking wine? Why, purchasing a watch, of course!

In the weeks leading up to the trip, the rational side of me was saying, “The US dollar has skyrocketed against the Euro and, at the same time, the Swiss Franc has become unpegged and price increases are imminent – there’s no better time to buy than the present!” The irrational side of me was saying, “I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT!” For once, both the rational and irrational sides of me were in agreement instead of at war.

With that said, I found an authorized dealer, made the deal, and bought the watch while we were on vacation.

The unboxing revealed a watch even more beautiful than what I remembered:

 photo IMG_3396_zps6sk9fz48.jpg

And when I put it on, it brought back the same feeling of wearing something that was just too large but perfectly perfect:

 photo IMG_3349_zps8vhyvdx2.jpg

Initial impressions on the cheap replica watches: Wow. It is so different than all my other watches. It commands attention; but not (only) because it’s big, but because it’s really beautiful and well made. I still wish the movement were better finished, but the Unico era should put to rest the criticisms that Hublot drops unworthy movements into their exceptionally designed cases. My only other criticism (if you can call it that) is that I find that the deployant digs into my wrist a little bit, but it’s nothing severe. Overall, I really couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Six months ago, I didn’t imagine ever owning a Hublot. Today: I am pleased to join the ranks of the Hublotista.

(If you made it this far,) Thanks for reading and coming along on my journey.