Joey Tribbiani: Cheap Fake Rolex Air-King Ref 14000/2140

Joey Tribbiani doesn’t share food, and there’s nothing this Italian American loved more than pizza, although he did risk his life for a meatball sub in season five, making the sandwich a close contender.

The only vintage wristwatch included in Tatler’s edit, the 1999 cheap fake Rolex Air-King Ref 14000/2140 by Rolex is branded with the red-and-white logo of Domino’s pizza chain, making it the go-to watch for this Days of Our Lives soap opera star.

If that wasn’t enough, US Rolex replica watches for sale has been linked to cinema, from appearances of its Swiss movement Rolex copy watches in iconic films to fostering young filmmakers, for years. After all, Joey was always easily influenced––who else remembers why he bought Mrs Butterworth’s.