Listen To Brett Dennen’s Love For Paul Newman Daytona Fake Rolex Watches US For Sale

Singer-songwriter Brett Dennen (known for such songs as “Ain’t No Reason” and “Make You Crazy”) recently released his new album, See The World, which got our attention when we heard the single “Paul Newman Daytona Rolex.” Dennen recently sat down with us to chat about the song and his love for perfect replica watches.

For my new song, “Paul Newman Daytona Rolex,” the inspiration came from this one time I was on the road and I was watching Antiques Roadshow late at night.

There was an episode where a man came in. He was a pilot in the ’70s with a good look and a cool shirt on. He said he bought this US Swiss fake watches in the ’70s for a few hundred dollars when he was a pilot because it was the Daytona model and all the pilots were buying Daytona model AAA Rolex replica watches. I guess because of the dials – I should rewatch the episode, but I think he said something about the dials – he could track ground speed and things while being in the air. I think he spent no more than $300 on the imitation watches for sale.

Then on the show it was appraised for a hundred thousand. I thought that was phenomenal. And then the appraiser said, “This is the Paul Newman model,” And I was like, “What?” Because Paul Newman is my all-time favorite – the style, he’s a cool guy, the philanthropy, and all of it. So then I felt like a journalist or something when I watched that show. Could this be a song? How could I write a song about this?

And then I went down this long rabbit hole of the 1:1 replica watches of Paul Newman, his best fake Rolex Daytona watches, and what famous films he’s worn them in, or the time he was wearing it when he got second place at Le Mans. Then I found an article about how he gave the one that top US Rolex replica watches gave to him to his daughter’s boyfriend, then only a couple of years ago it sold for $17 million. I was like, “Oh, that’s an idea for a song, man, it just keeps coming back around.”

Ever since I heard about the Paul Newman Daytona model I knew that’s the high quality replica watches I’m going to get someday. When I do buy my first real cheap copy Rolex watches, it will be Swiss made fake watches that I would wear all the time.

I wrote a song about super clone Rolex watches online wholesale and I want to own one. So, I’m going to get one. So what do I do? How do I choose the one I get? Do I try to find something rare and vintage, or do I just go boom, best quality replica Rolex Submariner watches for men, brand new? And then it’s my everyday thing. And then what’s my life like? I think that’s the best part. That’s what draws me into it.