Most Popular Rolex Replica Watches On EBay

Now the online watch platform is a very important channel. Whenever it comes to buying and selling second-hand goods online, eBay should be a website that many people immediately think of, and it is also a fixed platform for some watch fans to dig for treasure. According to the statistics, we will find the most popular watches sold on eBay are perfect fake Rolex watches.

The steel Rolex Daytona could be considered as the most popular sport watch now.

Black Dial Fake Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

The most popular one must be the steel case copy Rolex Daytona 116520. The steel Cosmograph Daytona are also the most difficult models to buy. Besides the black edition, the silver one is also very popular.

Datejust is a good watch for many occasions.

Oystersteel Braccelet Knockoff Rolex Datejust

The second one is the elegant imitation watch of Datejust. You may feel surprised that it is not Submariner. Datejust is suitable for many occasions and it is easier for men to match the clothes. Between these two watches with different style, which one do you prefer?