Rolex’s Homage To The Invariable Fond Of The Classic Movie Making Career

In the early days, Rolex has been announced to be the sponsor of Oscar Award. It was a good news for acting circle of the historic movement has been along with the Rolex watch. As the leader on watchmaking area, the Rolex watch has been received lots of fans, along them, there are the acting models and the contributors to the film making.

This year, the Oscar Award also showed with a short movie which aim to celebrating cinema at the Oscar. From the video, we will review lot of classic scenes and the most iconic images on teh films. The plots, people and the dialogues are just like a long lost memories.
The actors or actresses were worn on the Rolex watches which also showing us the most long standing culture and history of Rolex. Such as the Don Johnson worn his stainless steel bracelet Rolex Submariner fake watch, Paul Giamatti worn the black dial Rolex Submariner replica watch in his spare time.
In the old times, Paul Newman in Color Of Money worn the stainless steel case Rolex copy watch, at that time he has also won 59th Oscar Best Actor of this film. At that time, Rolex has been worked closely with the film circle  which is an exciting thing for today’s world.
The homage is for all the people who devoted their life to expand the acting area. Rolex wacthes are also in the hope of making more and more excellent fake watches for people all over the world.