Steve McQueen With Wonderful Rolex Replica Watches

Explorer is a low-key collection of Rolex. Explorer is similar to Oyster Perpetual while Explorer II is similar to GMT II. In antique watches industry, some collectors told that the perfect fake Rolex Explorer II is worn by Steve McQueen who was famous Hollywood star, loving racing cars very much.

The yellow elements on the dial are striking and eye-catching.

Cheap Rolex Explorer II Copy Watches

But after verification, Steve McQueen didn’t wear the black dial copy Rolex in 1970s but many people still think that Steve McQueen had ever worn the special timepiece. The large arrow-shaped hand could be considered as the symbol of Explorer.

Instead of Explorer, what Steve McQueen usually wore was the Submariner.

Oystersteel Bracelet Fake Rolex Submariner

In fact, Steve McQueen wore several models of Rolex, but they were not Explorer. Instead, what he chose were classical imitation watches of Submariner. The watch brand that keeps close relationship with Steve McQueen is TAG Heuer. He wore Monaco in the movie “Le Mans” in 1971, making it popular all over the world.