The Special Wonderful Replica Rolex Watches In Live And Let Die

Believe that “007” and James Bond has become a symbol of The Times. Elegant and intelligent agents not only are bravery but also using many new weapons to help him finish the task. And among these agents dedicated props, that should be the Rolex.

In 1973, Live and Let Die, James Bond just wore the replica Rolex watch that specially designed foe this film, that is the red scale fake Rolex Sbmariner 5513 watch, and this replica Rolex watch also is the first fake Rolex watch that had been transformed among the 007 series movies.

Through the data, we can see that this luminous scale replica Rolex watch adopted the rotatable design, and the ratchet of the bezel is also more prominent and sharp.

And in the movie, this black dial replica Rolex watch also with two more special functions, one is the strong magnetic force, tin the film, when the scale turn to red, that can the suck coffee spoon directly. And another feature is the micro saws, the rotating crown along with the bezel and the dial that all can rotate, and also with the serrated bezel that can cut things, this function can help Bond cut the rope.