This high-end fake Rolex scene with Ari from Entourage shows how much the watch world has changed

Before anyone gets heated, no I am not about to try and “cancel” Entourage. Whether or not the show would be able to survive the present cultural landscape is an entirely different discussion, and one we are not having here. This is about luxury fake watches. Recently on Instagram stories, I noticed friend of Time+Tide, Brynn Wallner, share a scene from Entourage on her page @dimepiece. It was a nice blast from the past as I haven’t done a recent binge through all the seasons in a few years. But it also hammered home just how much the watch scene has changed.
In the shared segment of Season 5 Episode 9 “Pie”, powerhouse agent Ari Gold is reminded by his under-appreciated assistant Lloyd that he has an upcoming meeting with Andrew, an old friend and mentor. Ari is reluctant to take the meeting. He and Andrew entered the industry together, but over time as Ari’s career sky-rocketed and he found much greater success, the two have lost touch. Ari tries to cancel for the seventh time, but Lloyd remains steadfast urging him to go until finally his boss relents.
As Ari walks away, Lloyd says, “maybe put on a cheaper copy watch” to ensure he does not hurt the feelings of his old friend. Ari, who he is wearing a solid gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, rolls his eyes. But after a heavy sigh, he proceeds to give Lloyd his credit card and orders him to go Gearys, an authorized Rolex dealer in Beverly Hills, to pick him up a stainless-steel Rolex replica watch.

Today, the mere idea of any watch enthusiast being able to spontaneously stroll into a boutique and buy a stainless-steel copy Rolex on a whim is almost laughable. But back in 2008, when this episode was released, a steel Rolex was nowhere near as unobtainable as it has become today.

You can interpret the scene in two ways. It either shows how successful and influential you have to be to procure a steel Rolex on demand or how accessible these Swiss movement replica watches were once upon a time.

What do you think? Could Ari Gold walk into an AD today and randomly buy a stainless-steel Daytona at retail?