Which One Do You Like The Best Among The Three Popular Rolex Replica Watches?

Among the three Rolex watches which are gold Daytona, blue Submarine and green Submariner, I love the Oystersteel and and gold case fake Rolex Submariner the best. Some people will oppose that the most beautiful one is the green dial Submariner. But in my opinion, the blue version is the most distinctive one for people of all ages.

The timepiece is with the highest cost-performance among the three models.

Blue Dial Knockoff Rolex Submariner

The green dial copy Rolex is brilliant too but the price has been increased a lot and it is difficult to get one. The fact is that the timepiece is not worthy of that price. The blue version looks gentle and mature, which is suitable for any occasion and easy to match the clothes. However, if you don’t match it well, the green dial Submariner won’t rescue you too.

Both the two Submariner are popular and brilliant.

Automatic Movement Rolex Knockoff

The blue ceramic bezel knockoff watch is more dynamic than the gold Daytona which is initially designed for professional divers. Blue could be one of the most popular colors in watchmaking industry recent years.

Both the Daytona and Submariner are popular and charming.

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